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Mission:  The objective of Integer Logistics Group is to integrate ourselves into our shippers’ and carriers’ cultures and assist them in discovering the best possible method for improving any aspect of their supply chain.  From Customer goals (decreasing cost of delivery, increasing payload and improving on-time delivery), to Carrier goals (timely/accurate payments, continuous movements, and competitive rates), Integer Logistics Group has the people, processes, and tools necessary to develop holistic, complete solutions with untouched integrity.

Our Management Team has over 80 years of experience in the Transportation Industry and has had business dealings with some of the country’s biggest and most well-known manufacturers and shippers.  As a result of working with our people, these companies and many others have enjoyed numerous benefits including decreased freight costs, improved departmental efficiencies and the peace of mind knowing that their product will be delivered to their customers, safely and on time.

Integer offers a one of a kind supply chain service to shippers throughout the country, regardless of size or commodity. Our staff has the knowledge required to present you with a tailor made transportation solution regardless of how unique your shipping needs may be. From a straight third party solution to dedicated asset management or simply “moving a load” we can be as in depth and as hands on as you require.

Our job is not to “tell” you how to handle your transportation, but to “listen” to your needs and wants, and work with you to arrive at a viable supply chain solution…together!


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