Consulting - Freight Management | Non-Asset Based Shipping Broker


At Integer, our 80+ years of combined experience in various facets of the transportation industry affords us the ability to provide consulting services on many different levels for our customers and carriers.  Our leadership team is well versed in gathering and analyzing data, listening to your wants and needs, and working alongside you to achieve your goals.


Integer Logistics can work with you on many different areas of your Supply Chain system:

  • Transportation Analysis
  • Freight Spend
  • Warehouse Management Systems and best practices
  • Supply Chain Network Modeling
  • Payload maximization
  • Route Optimization
  • Carrier/Risk management
  • Claims Management


Our Management Team has many years of experience in working for asset based carriers as well as third parties.  We understand the difficulties in operating a fleet of trucks safely and profitably.  Below are some of the areas that Integer can work with carriers to enhance:

  • DOT compliance review preparation
  • Carrier Dispatch
  • Claims Management
  • Owner Operator/Small Fleet Owner Program




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