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About Us

Integer Logistics Group is a Freight Management company whose product is our service.  We are a non-asset based intermediary that arranges for the transportation of our customers’ freight nationwide and solicits freight for our valued carriers.  We also offer consulting services on many different aspects within the supply chain system.  Our beliefs center on taking care of the three most important aspects of our business:


Our goal is to provide our employees with an inviting, fun, high energy work atmosphere that fosters an entrepreneurial spirit by providing sound financial rewards for their hard work and dedication.


We pledge to provide the best possible service to our carrier by giving them access to freight and customers that are desirable for their business, and by ensuring they are paid timely and fairly for their services.


Our promise to our customers is to offer them data driven solutions for their freight management needs with a focus on Continuous Process Improvement.

 Meet our Management Team...


Brad Steffen

Being a part of the transportation industry has been a part of my career path since my first job at age fourteen as a paperboy…although I had no idea at the time! That job taught me the importance of customer service early on in life…was your Sunday morning paper ever late?  You learn quickly that first time you are late, even though you may have to trudge thru a foot of snow, no one likes excuses...

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Chad Winfrey

The Transportation Industry has been in my family for as long as I can remember. I was introduced to it through my father who was the Office Director of the Motor Vehicle Enforcement division of the Iowa Department of Transportation for many years. I became interested in the compliance aspect of the industry – Federal Motor Carrier Regulations, Safety, etc...

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Chad Rasmus

When I first attended Iowa State University I had no idea what transportation and logistics was, and no idea what my major of study was going to be within the business sector. It was during an introductory class for transportation and logistics that the professor was very influential towards the field of study, and from there my excitement started. I declared a field of study and haven't looked back since...

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