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Truck Load Services

Whether your need is flatbed, van, temperature controlled, intermodal or even partial shipments, Integer Logistics Group has a range of approved carriers working with us daily so that you don’t have to worry where the capacity is coming from to move your freight.

Integer is continuously growing our group of qualified carriers.  Each carrier is an approved motor carrier with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  We will require each carrier hauling your freight to meet your specific requirements for insurance coverage and claim free hauling.  That is typically an important piece of your risk management. 

Integer contracts with every size carrier out there.  The majority will be made up of small fleets that rely on Integer as their sales force.  Many of which will come to us first for their freight needs.  By having a network of carriers that view Integer as their source of freight, we can provide you with a more dependable solution.  Every carrier used is a reflection upon our service, so we ensure each is a reputable and dependable carrier.  Collectively, we all want the freight there on time and claim free.


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