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Chad Rasmus

When I first attended Iowa State University I had no idea what transportation and logistics was, and no idea what my major of study was going to be within the business sector. It was during an introductory class for transportation and logistics that the professor was very influential towards the field of study, and from there my excitement started. I declared a field of study and haven't looked back since.

After graduating from college I decided to spread my wings and move away from home to Kansas City where I worked for a Telecommunications supply company. There I learned about the supply chain from a distributor’s point of view. I was able to develop my distribution skills by providing operational metrics and warehouse productivity tracking. I also implemented a Warehouse Management System and performed distribution network optimization. This is where I started learning about supply chain systems.

After 5 years away from the great Cyclone state of Iowa it was time to come back. Once back, I began working for a window manufacturing company. While I continued to build upon my warehouse knowledge I was able to add the manufacturing experience and see things from a shipper’s point of view. This experience greatly enhanced my depth of supply chain systems knowledge by supporting another warehouse management system and implementing a Transportation Management System.

From there I went to work for a small 3rd party logistics company. I used my supply chain software skills and implemented another Warehouse Management system while integrating with their transportation management system. Working with the supply chain systems I was able to continually analyze data to find opportunities for improvement.

My journey working with supply chain systems through distributors, shippers and 3rd parties is what has led me to where I am today. Through my roles in IT I have been able to learn the supply chain from a data perspective. My experiences have given me the opportunity to see things in a unique way and I would love to put my knowledge to work for you in finding solutions for your needs.

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