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"Mission:  The objective of Integer Logistics Group is to integrate ourselves into our shippers’ and carriers’ cultures and assist them in discovering the best possible method for improving any aspect of their supply chain.  From Customer goals (decreasing cost of delivery, increasing payload and improving on-time delivery), to Carrier goals (timely/accurate payments, continuous movements, and competitive rates), Integer Logistics Group has the people, processes, and tools necessary to develop holistic, complete solutions with untouched integrity.

The Transportation Industry depends on a robust array of carriers, and especially smaller trucking companies. For many of these carriers, Integer Logistics may serve as an entry point for new business, especially in an environment where many shippers prefer to save management costs by working with fewer carriers. We have developed a carrier endearment strategy to ensure that we attract and maintain a vast array of carriers that match up with our customers’ needs.

Are you interested in Quick Pay? We can provide cost effective solutions for your cash flow needs. Please inquire with us for these services.

Are you an owner operator or small fleet owner? Integer can work with you to locate shippers and freight that fit your lanes and your business model.

How about compliance audits? At Integer, we have a team that is well trained in FMCSA safety regulations. We can work with you to get your paperwork in order for that next compliance review or we can assist new carriers in preparing for your new entrant exams.

At Integer Logistics, we are not just “another broker” with a “just take the loads mentality!” We can provide many more services for your needs. Bring us into your thought process and teach us about your company. The more we know, the better we can work for you.

If interested in joining our team, please contact us and we will start the set up process.


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